European tour stars treat fans to an 'expert' coaching session - with a twist

Golf is an incredibly technical sport and one that can provide the most soothing of afternoons, or some of the most frustrating.

Golfing fans watch their idols making their drives look easy and visualise themselves doing the same, effortless rhythmic movement. So if there was an opportunity to learn one-on-one from some of the best in the business, surely this would be a jackpot?

Well so a group of “lucky” fans presumed in Sun City thought.

European Tour stars Ian Poulter, Martin Kaymer, Padraig Harrington and Lee Westwood were informed that they would be meeting up with fans in the run-up to the penultimate week of the 2017 Race to Dubai.

But this was no ordinary fan meets player scenario at all, in fact, the players were specifically instructed to provide the worst possible coaching in a three minute period.

Did the players think this was ridiculous and insist on giving proper, sound advice for these fans who travel for miles to come and watch them? Absolutely not.

The players seemed in their element as they all started their coaching by running the fans through their warm-up regimes. Poulter decided that his usual warm-up routine, is to make a frog-style hop, while swinging his arms around twice in mid-air.

While Lee Westwood ran through a hilarious set of stretches that revolved around a thrusting movement with the club at his waist.

The fun didn’t stop there for the professionals as they swiftly moved on to their deepest and darkest training secrets, the real tips that have helped them achieve stardom.

Poulter revealed that whenever he practices, he always performs the shot with one arm and then releases the club, allowing it to be thrown in the direction of the shot. An instruction even Poulter struggled not to laugh at as his bemused trainee launched her club into the hedge behind.

Other secrets included Harrington completely covering the ball with grass so the fan could not see it at all, only for him to exclaim: “Am I good or am I good” when his student hit the ball. While Kaymer told his students to raise their knee as high as they possibly could following the drive.

Eventually the fans were informed that it was all one big wind up and everyone was all smiles as the players cracked up at their own pranks, finally telling them that they would strictly never do any of these in training.

Another hilarious prank set-up by the European Tour team, what will they have in store next time?

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