The deleted tweet Conor McGregor sent about Bellator ref controversy


Conor McGregor wasn't on the card for the Bellator 187 event but he certainly made the headlines for it.

The Notorious hasn't fought in the octagon since his thrilling second round TKO on Eddie Alvarez in November 2016 but has far from abandoned mixed martial arts since then.

McGregor was present for UFC Gdansk where he managed to infuriate the referee from the other side of the cage with his behaviour during the Artem Lobov fight.

And the same referee - Marc Goddard - was once again forced to deal with the 29-year-old at the weekend when Charlie Ward and John Redmond exchanged blows.

When close friend Ward scored a first round knockout over his advisory, McGregor infiltrated the octagon to congratulate the victor, only to be confronted by Goddard.

There are even accusations that Notorious actually slapped the official while from above, when he was perched on the case.

Days have now gone by since the incident and McGregor sought to clear up the episode in a recent interview.

According to The Sun, he revealed: "Oh, it was a beautiful shot [from Charlie Ward]. [John Redmond's] out cold, we all knew he was out cold and he’s still trying to call it.

"‘Oh no, he wasn’t the fight’s not over.’ I said, ‘It’s you, you rat. I see you.’”


McGregor could also be heard shouting: "I'm sick of you. That was a f***ing stoppage."

Aside from this choice insight, however, McGregor is yet to release an official statement over the incident that could potentially land him in trouble.

Nevertheless, the 29-year-old looked to have ended the silence on Monday when he took to Twitter and delivered a message to the fans, before swiftly deleting the post.

That wasn't before fans inevitably snapped a screen shot of the message, though - check it out below:

It certainly sparked a mixed reaction from fans, too.

So the 29-year-old clarified the reasoning behind his angry reaction one last time and also stuck two fingers up to the doubters with his final three words.

If this is the controversy and attention can McGregor can throw up without even fighting, then UFC fans will hotly anticipate his fighting return to the octagon.


Bring it on.

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