The wrestling world remembers WWE legend Eddie Guerrero


It's been 12 years since the wrestling world lost Eddie Guerrero and fans still miss him all the time.

Latino Heat was a one of a kind performer that had an innate charisma to go along with his incredible in-ring ability, but his charming relationship with the fans was something that even the great Vince McMahon couldn't manufacture.

Sadly, in 2005, Guerrero died as a result of acute heart failure due to underlying atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

His nephew Chavo, whom had been tag team champions with Eddie, found him unconscious in his hotel room and failed to revive him.

The WWE would then put on a Raw tribute show for the former WWE champion and it was clear by the many emotional tributes, the man who preached 'lie, cheat and steal' was dearly missed behind the scenes.

Superstars like Sasha Banks have openly stated that Guerrero was their hero and main influence to get into wrestling and it's clear from Twitter today that Eddie had a profound effect on a generation of performers.

As one of the best performers to ever lace his boots, Eddie was a clear loss in the ring. However, the man he was proved to be an even greater loss.

Take a look at some of the beautiful tweets past and present WWE superstars have posted on the anniversary of his death:

Former WWE executive Bruce Pritchard recalled Vince McMahon's first impression of Guerrero when they met shortly after Eddie's release from WCW on his podcast:

"They all made it clear that they would all [Chris Benoit, Perry Staurn, Dean Malenko & Guerrero] like to come to WWE. From us, I can give you my vantage point that I wanted all four, Vince wanted all four, and JR wanted all four.


"The funniest comment that was made was when Vince finally met Eddie Guerrero and Vince said, “He’s so tiny!” I remember saying, yeah, but he’s the Mexican Shawn Michaels. Vince kind of shook his head the way he did and said again, “He’s so tiny!”

"I don’t think Vince was expecting that. Eddie wasn’t the tallest guy in the arena, he was a big boy, and had heart and looked like a million bucks. Eddie’s personality was 100 feet tall. His personality was huge."

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