Fabricio Werdum rips Colby Covington for going to police after boomerang incident

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum took care of business in Sydney on Saturday night, beating down Marcin Tybura to earn a convincing unanimous decision, but his business in Australia isn't quite done yet.

The UFC star is scheduled to appear in court on December 13 on an assault summons, following his attack of Colby Covington with a boomerang on Wednesday.

Werdum says his decision to launch the weapon outside the UFC hotel in Sydney came after Covington slandered his Brazilian background and attempted to kick him. Werdum can't believe Covington couldn't handle the matter privately, and charges were laid.

Fabricio Werdum

“This situation, I don’t believe,” Werdum said Saturday at UFC Sydney’s post-fight press conference. “Colby comes to Australia, and I’ve never seen him before. I’m just in my room with my coaches, ‘Hey, coach, let’s go cut my hair.’

“When I go out, [Covington] looked at me and he said, ‘Brazilian animals.’ I said I don’t believe this, and I just slapped his phone. I just touched his phone; that’s it, man. And he kicked me. He kicked me, but I’m ready for the (UFC Sydney) fight, I blocked his kick. And after that, the guys stand in the middle. And two minutes [before], I had one fan give me the boomerang. ... [Covington] says a lot of things about my mom, my country. I just threw it. If I had maybe a burger or cake in my hands, I’d throw that for sure, but I had a boomerang.

“But nothing, man; it just (hit him) in the shoulder. This is nothing, man. How is a fighter going to the cops? The guy goes to the police for that? This is crazy. He’s like a — I don’t want to say the word, but he’s like a bitch.”

The UFC is still investigating the incident to determine if any company regulations were broken.

“From a company standpoint, we’re still collecting as much information as we can,” UFC executive David Shaw said Saturday. “We spoke to Werdum and his team, we spoke to Covington, we spoke to the hotel security, we spoke to police. So we are not at a point to make any conclusions yet, it’s just too early. There’s still a process that we need to go through. And listen, at this point it’s in the hands of the New South Wales Police, and I think Werdum’s going to have some conversations the next few weeks with them.”

Covington, of course, is denying he kicked Werdum in the hotel.

“That's a complete lie,” Covington exclaimed when questioned about the attack. “He wrote a check his ass can't cash. He's on video so all his lies will be told soon.”

In fact, video evidence went viral after the incident courtesy of fellow UFC fighter, Dan Hooker.

Common assault charges carry a maximum sentence of two years imprisonment, according to Australian law.

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