Bernie Ecclestone blasts Formula 1's proposed engine changes for 2021

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Formula 1, during its long and remarkable history, has wowed many a fan with its tremendous thrills and spills along with the blistering speeds the cars are able to achieve.

The drivers have been glamorised, revered for their bravery and bravado as well as their willingness to risk life and limb for the sport they love and their love of spectacle.

And despite 2017 offering the most intriguing title race for some years, not everyone is impressed with the direction F1 is taking under Liberty Media - most notably, Bernie Ecclestone. The former Chief Executive has had some more than choice words for the sport's administrators.

While speaking to Autosport, he was more than candid when asked about the proposed F1 engine regulations expected to be introduced by the current owners Liberty Media in 2021.

A number of regulations governing engine size, power and other related limitations received a mixed reaction after being presented to manufacturers and Ecclestone agrees that these tweaks will not benefit the sport.

He said: "The trouble is they've all spent a fortune on these bloody engines and they don't want to go back to their boards and say, 'We need another few quid because we need to modify the engines'.

"I think honestly they should do something really different, or leave it alone. 

"All they had to do was what we agreed three years ago, I think, with Jean Todt, which was more fuel flow, and more fuel in the car, and let them rev to another 2000 revs. That's all that was necessary."

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Ecclestone, clearly passionate about his sport was not finished and turned his guns on another topic he was unhappy about. 

F1's new owner Liberty Media has made no secret of the fact they want to make a number of drastic changes to the competition and this has provoked F1's former chief further.

"They shouldn't have made so many predictions, should they, as to what they could do," Ecclestone added.

"They should have waited to see what can be done. I'm sure what they had in mind and wanted to do was alright. The problem is doing it.

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"All we really had to do was have a look at when was F1 really popular. Let's get the rule book out and let's do it that way. The racing's good - it's better now than it was. We've been waiting four years for this, so it's a little bit easier when there's competition. Now Ferrari's woken up, it's good."

It remains to be seen how much of an effect the regulations will have but if Ecclestone's words are anything to go by, he fears it may have a detrimental effect on the manufacturers and subsequently, the product on the track too. 

He may be old-school but there are few men who know what does and doesn't work in F1 better than Ecclestone.

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