Goldust gives emotional promo about Dusty Rhodes at WWE Starrcade

WWE had their special live event Starrcade at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina on Saturday and it certainly looked like it was fun for the whole family, but it also reflected and paid tribute to those that helped make it happen.

WWE produced Starrcade like a retro event, with throwback video intro screens before the matches, as well as Starrcade ring aprons. They even had B&W throwback shirt to Starrcade ’83’s main event on sale at the event featuring Harley Race and Ric Flair on the front and a Starrcade ’83 logo on the back.

Throughout the night, WWE paid tribute to those that helped make Starrcade happen including Ric Flair and Dusty Rhodes, the man who booked the first ever Starrcade back in 1983. Saturday night’s Starrcade was the first time the event had taken place in almost 17 years.

Goldust paid tribute to his dad on the night by wrestling under his old WCW gimmick, ‘The Natural’ Dustin Rhodes, kitted out in his ring gear with his old entrance music playing as he walked down the ramp to the ring for his match against Dash Wilder of The Revival.

After The Natural had won the match thanks to his old school bulldog finisher, he grabbed a microphone and recalled the memories he had about the Starrcade event in an emotional speech.

Dustin said how he was so thankful to be a part of the event, and how it brought back many memories saying how he remembers sitting in the crowd watching Starrcade 1985 as a fan.

He added that the fans have stood with him for all the years, whether they loved him or hated him, saying “we’ve done some wonderful things together.”

He capped off by saying that there’s nothing more special than standing right in the Greensboro ring where his dad, Dusty, once did and thanked the fans for loving and honoring the Rhodes’ family. He then received a standing ovation as he left the ring.

Dustin later said in an interview with “When he was with me and Cody when we fought The Shield, it was special. Every time I’ve been with him in the ring, it’s been special. Tonight he wasn’t there, which was very emotional for me.”

He also said: “I’m very lucky, very blessed to be in the family that I’m in. The Rhodes Family has a pretty damn serious pedigree and legacy. And I will do my very very best to uphold it as long as I can. My brother Cody, to uphold it as long as we can. And to make everybody proud and love the Rhodes family.”

It truly was a special night, and it’s great to see that they took so much time out of the show to honour the man that made it all happen all those years ago.

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