Why Arsenal vs Manchester United is set to make Premier League history

Saturday is set to be a massive day of football with no less than eight Premier League games set to take place.

While Chelsea are set for a reunion with former manager Rafael Benitez, the pick of the day’s games is undoubtedly Manchester United’s trip to North London to take on an in-form Arsenal side.

While this particular fixture always garners a lot of attention due to both sides massive worldwide fan base, this weekends fixture will be special for a different reason.

According to financial analysts Vysyble, the clash between two of the top clubs in the land will be the first “billion pound game” the Premier League has witnessed.

The claim is based on the combined turnover of both clubswith Arsenal posting revenues of £424million in 2016-17 while United earned a record £581m, taking the clubs’ total to £1.05billion.

While it is only the equivalent of five Neymars, those are still mind-boggling figures.

In a statement, Vysyble’s Roger Bell said: “This is a remarkable achievement for the Premier League in terms of reflecting the success in driving revenues via lucrative TV rights deals.”

However, Bell went on to point out that the massive sums pouring into Premier League clubs at the moment does not necessarily translate into profits, due to the cost of doing business in terms of paying players wages and the monumental fees being laid out on transfer fees.

In fact, Vysyble believe that Premier Clubs could be running up economic losses, despite the obscene amounts of money they rake in.

“This is part of a longer-term trend whereby clubs in general are finding it very difficult, despite their record revenue levels, to generate value and achieve an economic profit, which is where all the costs of doing business are accounted for, including taxes,” he said.

While Saturday’s game is the first billion pound game ever, there are more expected in the near future as the Premier League prepares to sell the domestic broadcast rights for 2018-2021 in a few weeks.

Crazy, crazy numbers!

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