Tony Adams has some bad news for Arsenal fans regarding Arsene Wenger


As of late, it’s been of no secret that Arsene Wenger has been in the firing line. With poor finishing in the league in recent years, fans have been pushed to the edge.

Despite extreme attempts to get the Frenchman out of the club, and with numerous protest signs being comically placed across the globe – it was not to be, as he was to sign a contract extension until 2019.

Former club captain and now a manager himself, Tony Adams, has had his say on the future success of the club, and it is not what fans of the Gunner’s will like to hear as Arsene remains the man on the side-line.

"He's contracted for another 18 months, so you're asking me whether this squad can do it. I don't think they can, I think that's pretty obvious.
"But how long will he go on for now? How old is he 67? He's already said retirement is death to him, so you can't see him retiring and there doesn't seem to be anything outside of the game for him.
It can be said for sure, that even former legend at the club feels that the gunner’s resurrection is unlikely to happen under Arsene. The North London club are yet to win the league title in 14 years, despite gaining the top spot three times under Arsene’s first eight years in charge.
For the fans, it will be ‘Wenger Out’ for some time longer it would appear, and it could even be said that Adam’s backs the protest himself. However, he feels that another term could be on the cards for the Frenchman…
"It wouldn't be beyond me to see him sign another extension for another couple of years as well."

With Wenger being favoured within by the officials of the club, it must be said that Adam’s claims in regard to an extended term are more than believable.

Arsene’s men trail the ‘Cityzens’, Manchester City, as their position sees a 15-point gap from Pep’s title charging side.

A bridge too far it would seem for the gunners, as Manchester look to take this league into their own hands come the end of the season – with players such as Kevin De Bruyne and David Silva outclassing their rivals.

The first year of Arsene’s extended stay at the club is of this season. However, do you agree with Adams that under his managerial guidance, that the London club are doomed to fail?

Let us know in the comments below…

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