Tom Brady screamed in one of his coach's faces during Patriots - Bills


Tom Brady is one of the coolest men in professional sport. He has the supermodel wife, never stumbles under pressure, and pretty much everybody on this green earth would want to swap lives with him.

Well, that coolness is something of a facade it seems. The New England Patriots star lost his temper today and in a very big way.

The man on the receiving end of Brady's ire? Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels. What did McDaniels do I hear you cry? Well, he criticised the great one. Which may or may not be allowed, we can't tell. 

Brady Flips Out

Brady made a rare mental mistake on the opening drive of the Patriots’ game in Buffalo, missing Phillip Dorsett who was wide open on a third-and-long play, and McDaniels let him know about it on the sideline.

Brady did not appreciate that, and unloaded on the offensive coordinator. Television cameras at the game caught the heated moment...

Sorting things out is putting it very lightly there. Also, Tony Romo's transition into being a color commentator is just proving to be the greatest move ever. His trip inside the mind of what Brady is likely saying to McDaniels there is amazing stuff.

After the game, Brady was asked about the interaction with his OC by a member of the assorted press in Buffalo. The Patriots QB was typically diplomatic and played down the situation...

Brady's anger only fired him up as he came back from a slow start to lead the New England offense to a 23-3 win over the Bills that saw them all but seal their place in the Playoffs this year.

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