Chiefs' Marcus Peters throws official's penalty flag into the crowd

Kansas City Chiefs v Dallas Cowboys

Marcus Peters of the Kansas City Chiefs has already established himself as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL today despite 2017 only being his third season in the league, but in Week 13 against the New York Jets, he lost some major style points for his actions.

Late in the fourth quarter, the Jets went up on the scoreboard 36-31 against the Chiefs and they attempted to convert a two-point to make sure that if the Chiefs were able to score a touchdown, they would have to kick the extra point to level the game.

New York failed in their attempt, but a holding penalty on the Chiefs defense in the endzone meant they got a second try at the two-point attempt. Furious with the call by the official, Peters took matters into his own hands and did something completely outrageous.

Grabbing the penalty flag that had been thrown on the turf for the holding call, the cornerback threw the flag as hard and as high as he could into the crowd at MetLife Stadium. One lucky spectator managed to grab it, but this wasn't the end of the madness.

With no penalty flag, the official who had just lost his flag threw his hat on the ground and penalized Peters for unsportsmanlike conduct. Although he wasn't ejected for his actions, the two-time Pro Bowler removed himself from the game in disgust of his own actions.

The cornerback didn't play any further part in the game, although he did come back to the field with no tape on his ankles or even socks. The Jets managed to run the ball in on the next play to successfully converted their two-point attempt and placed the game out of reach of the Chiefs.

The NFL will probably look further into the whole situation and most likely fine Peters for his actions at some point this week, but it's tough to say how much he will be fined as how often do you see a player throwing an official’s penalty flag into the stands? Never!

Now tied at the top of the AFC West with a 6-6 record alongside the Los Angeles Chargers and the Oakland Raiders after losing their last four games straight, Kansas City will be looking to push themselves ahead of their divisional rivals when they play against the Raiders in Week 14.

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