Conor McGregor has big praise for Floyd Mayweather as he hints at rematch


UFC’s finest Conor McGregor believes that he has all it takes to beat arguably one of the best boxers of all time in Floyd Mayweather in the eagerly awaited rematch of the two top dogs.

The Irishman was the subject of a knockout in the 10th round in the last fight, but he's adamant things would be different if they went at it again.

The UFC star’s next showdown remains unknown as to what it will be, especially with him making the news outside of the sport.

The MMA star has been in the media for his incident involving a referee, which he awaits the punishment for, and his recent night out with singer Rita Ora.

McGregor spoke to BBC (via MMA Weekly) with comments to the rematch, complimenting the ‘money’ team for what they did during the fight.

“It is what it is. I got beat. He’s a tactical genius in there. He changed his game plan three times, that’s the sign of a true champion," McGregor said.

"First, Philly shell, second rope-a-dope, third when both of those was getting picked at, he went Mexican style, hands up, knuckles above the eyebrows, dipped in low an just walked forward. It’s like an ugly boxing style.

“But, he was able to change that game plan three times. It’s the sign of a true champion. He got the win, fair play to him.”

The comments from the MMA camp didn't get any more complimentary, though.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor

McGregor continued to hint at a rematch between the two champs, but remained adamant he wouldn't call out Mayweather now that he's retired.

“If it happened in a rematch, it’s a simple adjustment of me having a heavier sparring partner coming in, in the later rounds, and lean on me and walk me down.“

The welterweight champion started to try and nudge Mayweather for a rematch, but at the same time, didn’t start throwing any punches.

“If I had a rematch, I would correct that and I would beat him. He’s retired. I’m not going to start calling him out of retirement. I’m going to leave him to it. If it happens, maybe it will, who knows — I would beat him no doubt.”

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