Rafael Nadal believes Roger Federer took a big risk during 2017 season


Rafael Nadal has praised his rival Roger Federer, but claims that he has taken a risk with his limited time on the court in 2017.

The Swiss champion didn't take part in the clay part of the tennis season, missing out on the French Open in particular.

Federer has lost just five times out of the 57 matches he has played this calendar year, and won seven titles, including two Grand Slams.

The Spanish star opened up to the media about Federer’s way of playing not suiting him, and thinks he needs to schedule his plan better with his team and with his medical professionals.

"He had a fantastic year," Nadal said praising Federer, as quoted by the Express.

"What he did is very difficult. Playing so less, being able to win almost every time you return to play is a very big risk.”

"When it goes well, it seems it's right, but in truth it's very difficult that it happens the way it did."

Nadal continued to talk about Federer and the difference between the plan he has, and the play the Swiss has.

Rafael Nadal Photo call After French Open Victory

"If you try it again, you may not be as successful as you were this year. But well, I am 31 and he's 36. I have my career and he has his own," the Spaniard explained.

"I do what I believe is better for me by always getting help from doctors, coaches, physical trainers, and deciding with my team.

"Together we come to an agreement that is better for my body and tennis."


The Spaniard is not short of victories himself this year, with 67 wins to his name and just 11 defeats.

To go with his six titles won in the calendar year, Nadal has proven that he is not the forgotten man everyone thought he was.

For tennis next, it is the Australian Open, and maybe the two could prove themselves in that too.

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