Jack Kennedy makes incredible recovery and takes victory after looking certain to fall


Race fans in County Tipperary were stunned on Thursday afternoon, after teenage jockey Jack Kennedy had to cling on for dear life to take the win at Clonmel.

Kennedy is only 18, and a minor mistake following the 4th fence left the rider unseated, and looking all but certain to crash down, along with his chances of winning the race. 

In the shocking footage which you can see by scrolling down, Kennedy spins away a full 180 degrees from his seat, with his right arm and leg entirely hanging from the horse as he grasps with all of his strength.

It took the youngster a few seconds to compose himself, and once he had, he fully justified his reputation as a golden boy on the rise in Irish racing, leaping into a prone position on top of the saddle, before eventually swivelling into his seat and resuming the race.

The race became all the more memorable as Kennedy moved through the field. He had dropped down to fifth place amongst the incredible scenes, and it looked an epic task to salvage any kind of result, never mind the resulting victory.

Indeed whilst he had looked a decent proposition pre-race at 7/2, the bookies seemed certain of his demise as the incident unfolded, as he drifted out to a whopping 390/1 whilst he was clawing his way back onto the horse, making the win even more special.

Amusingly, as Kennedy was taking the post-race plaudits, the man himself admitted it was embarrassment more than anything else which inspired his incredible recovery.

“I was a little bit embarrassed that I got thrown out of the saddle, so I said I’d better try to stay on him,” Kennedy said. “It was a silly mistake and I thought I was gone but I didn’t fancy getting galloped on.

"I was lucky the railing was there as I’d have been gone out of the race and he kept straight and that was a big help.

“I got in underneath the last (fence) and could see the other horse coming to me, but he pulled it out.”

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