Frank Lampard & Rio Ferdinand offer amazing insight into becoming a top PL player


One of the most fascinating aspects of watching modern football is the punditry in the studio.

Sometimes, former professionals fail to offer an interesting insight into the game and could easily be replaced by journalists but on several occasions, true greats of the game have provided some quite fascinating information.

A few weeks back, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Rio Ferdinand treated BT Sport viewers to an enthralling discussion about why England's famed 'Golden Generation' failed to live up to expectations.

After Manchester City's 4-1 demolition of Tottenham, Lampard and Ferdinand were at it again in the studio, joined by Liverpool legend Steve Mcmanaman this time.

The topic of conversation on this occasion was how to become a top Premier League footballer and the eight-minute conversation was truly gripping from start to finish.


That's the kind of expert knowledge viewers really crave when they tune in.

Lampard and Ferdinand are two players widely touted as some of the finest to ever grace the Premier League, with both winning a number of titles.

As for Mcmanaman, he was a brilliant attacking midfielder for Liverpool and enjoyed a lot of success at Real Madrid, one of the few English players to succeed at such a high level abroad.



"Some young players just don't understand the standards needed," the former Chelsea man said.

"They step up into the dressing room, they've done well in the youth team or reserves or whatever it is and all of a sudden, they don't clock on. A lot of players get that standard, hard work, focus, how you live your life, what you do."

Lamps certainly has a point, with many young players getting caught up in the celebrity lifestyle of modern day football, rather than putting in the hard graft on the training pitch.

Those who make the step up from the youth teams sometimes neglect the added responsibility, something which can only stagnate progression.

Arsenal v Chelsea - The Emirates FA Cup Final

The likes of Harry Kane and Marcus Rashford should serve as posters boys for young players on applying themselves after making such a step up.

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