Blake Bortles has perfect response to Jadeveon Clowney calling him 'trash'

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

There's a reason why many NFL fans are calling the Jacksonville Jaguars 'Sacksonville' this season, as their team has transformed from where it was just a year ago, from one of the worst teams in the league, to a strong playoff contender.

Last weekend against the Houston Texans, the Jaguars confirmed that for the first time in ten years, they will have a 10-win minimum season following a 45-7 victory over their AFC South rivals. A win this weekend against the San Francisco will clinch the division for them, which will be their first AFC South title in franchise history.

Blake Bortles was fantastic in helping the Jaguars get the win needed against the Texans last week to confirm a playoff berth, as he finished the game with 326 passing yards and three touchdowns, completing 21 of his 29 passing attempts.

The 25-year-old has managed to prove everyone wrong in 2017 despite the criticism he was receiving during the preseason and at the start of the season. So far, he has managed to throw for 3,147 yards, 19 touchdowns, and eight interceptions, achieving a passer rating of 89.7

Yet, despite how well he is playing, Bortles is still being criticised, even by some of his fellow players in the NFL.

Texans' Jadeveon Clowney was asked by Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle after their game last Sunday if he believes Blake Bortles is improving. His reply was not very nice, as he said: "He's trash."

Bortles, upon hearing of this comment by a player from a team that he just beat by 38 points, decided to take the high road in his response, as he said according to Mark Long of the Associated Press: "If the way we’re playing is trash, then I’m fine with being trash."

Houston Texans v Jacksonville Jaguars

Nice subtle jab there Bortles.

The Jaguars will now look to secure the AFC South title when they play against the 49ers this weekend, while the Texans are just playing for pride at this point in the season, as they'll be hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on Christmas Day.

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