Justin Pipe hits back at cough claims after Phil Taylor defeat

Justin Pipe came in for a torrent of abuse as he was knocked out of the tournament at the Ally Pally, losing 4-0 to Phil Taylor.

He was called a cheat by fans as he entered the arena for their second round game, and chants of: “You’re not coughing anymore” boomed around the audience as Taylor eased to victory.

But, after the game, Pipe responded and hit back at Sky commentator Wayne Mardle, who had said Pipe’s alleging coughing was “disgusting”.

Pipe said: “It has been very hard. I have kept my mouth shut, it is hard to look back at 2,500 people and say ‘I have proof that Bernie heard nothing’. I did not cough.

“I have been verbally attacked, abused, my family has come in for it as well. Mardle is bang out of order for me and it is totally wrong.”

“You do not jump to the conclusion that somebody has heard something when they haven’t. Bernie has not heard anything, I held that cough back. I did not hide my body movements.

“Wayne Mardle could not wait to jump onto that and he is bang out of order.

“It looks awful. I said to my wife and children ‘wow, that looks awful’ but there is no noise. I held it back. It hurt me a little bit to hold it back. Like you do when you are driving down the road and have to sneeze.

“I have been playing darts on TV for 10 years. I know where the cameras are, the stage is miked up. No-one heard anything.

“My family have been so united since Thursday evening watching the tirade of abuse.

“I am going to go on Twitter, which has been a tool for hatred lately. I am going to go on there, I am going to post the pictures of Bernie’s message to me that he did not hear anything.”

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