Ross Turner saves rival from potentially serious injury

Cartmel Races

Jockey Ross Turner has been praised for his sportsmanship following an incident in the 3:20 Boxing Day meet at Wetherby.

Georgian Firebird clipped the fence before tumbling and doing a full-barrel roll on the ground with rider Danny Cook still on top of it.

Once the horse fell, it took out both Turner and his horse Jacarno, who had cleared the fence a second earlier.

Turner became unseated after the accident had occurred, however, when Georgian Firebird stood back up following its fall, Cook was dangling off the horse with his left leg became stuck in the irons, in what was a worrying situation that was developing.

Fortunately, Turner was quick to spot what was going on and he immediately sprinted to the aid of his race rival and fellow jockey.

Turner produced quick-thinking to prevent the accident becoming that of a severe one. He showed amazing composure to keep the horse still until the track officials came to the assistance of the stricken jockey, who helped rescue Cook from a potentially dangerous situation.

And, following his brave, commanding sportsmanship, Turner was praised by viewers and horse racing fans alike for his actions, as the video of the incident went viral. 

“Well done Ross Turner,” one commented. “That could have been horrific!”

Kempton Races

Another said: “Well done to Ross for coming to Danny’s aid and the wonderful horse who remained calm the whole time.”

Cook later posted on his Twitter account that both himself and his horse were “all good."

If you want to see the video of Turner's sportsmanship, you can watch it below.

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