Brett Favre says he was concussed in Vikings-Saints 2009 NFC Championship game

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

This weekend, the Minnesota Vikings will host the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the NFL playoffs. It will be the first time the two teams have met in the postseason since their NFC Championship game in the 2009 season.

Back in that game, Brett Favre was the quarterback for the Vikings, and he famously threw an interception in the dying seconds of regulation to send the game into overtime, to which the Saints were able to drive down the field and kick a game-winning field goal to go to the Super Bowl.

This game later came under investigation as part of New Orleans' bounty scandal, also known as Bountygate. Several members of the franchise were accused of paying out bounties for intentionally hurting opposing players.

The NFL determined the allegations to be true in 2012, which led to Saints head coach Sean Payton's suspension for the entire 2012 season, as well as a handful of fines and other sanctions.

A number of Vikings players and coaches accused the Saints of deliberately trying to knock Favre out of the game at the time, but it was only until years later that the punishment for this game was issued out.

During a conference call on Wednesday ahead of the premiere of his documentary "Shocked: A Hidden Factor in the Sports Concussion Crisis," the former Vikings and Packers quarterback was asked by Minneapolis radio station KFAN about his memories of that game. He revealed that he had indeed suffered a head injury during the game.

Favre said, according to ESPN: “A concussion doesn’t necessarily have to be knocked out cold and removed from a game, although the new protocol is in place to remove you from a game even if you’re not walking sideways or your arm goes stiff or whatever.

“You may even be able to function as if you didn’t have a concussion, but if you have head ringing or fireworks or any kind of fogginess, protocol says you should be removed from the game.

NFC Championship: Minnesota Vikings v New Orleans Saints

"In that game, there was some head ringing, there was some fogginess. There were two times in which I was hit by [former Saints safety] Darren Sharper late. He lunged at my head and both of them were pretty devastating hits, but I stayed in the game. One they threw a flag, one they didn’t. Why they didn’t throw the other, I have no idea. If head ringing or fireworks is a concussion, yeah, I did have that.”

The fact that Favre was concussed helps to make sense of the horrendous decision he made to throw the ball late in that game, which was picked off and essentially helped the Saints seal the game. The fact the quarterback was concussed is a bit shocking, but not surprising considering we now know about Bountygate.

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