Kevin Durant reportedly wants to own an NBA franchise someday

Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant has already accomplished a lot in his NBA career.

Clearly on his way to the Hall of Fame, he has won four scoring titles, an MVP award and a Finals MVP honor after winning his first-career championship as a member of the Golden State Warriors last summer.

Some have called him the best offensive player in the game and others have even made the claim that he will be the one to eventually pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to become the league’s all-time leading scorer before he retires.

At the very least, he will be one of the best players of his generation.

However, KD already has his sights set for what he’ll be doing after his playing days end.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, Durant has serious intentions of buying an NBA team after his playing career. One source told Haynes that "this is a genuine goal of his after he retires, to add another African-American in the position of majority ownership.”

He wants to follow the path of Michael Jordan, who purchased the Charlotte Hornets (formerly the Bobcats) after his playing days ended.

"MJ was the first big Nike athlete, the biggest star of his time, but if you don't have the trajectory, that path, that journey, it's going to be hard to do what he did," Durant recently said. "But you can still affect the NBA and the game of basketball in a different way. You don't have to be an owner. I think it should be more guys in the positions of power like general managers and scouts and coaches. Anything that involves the day-to-day operations of these franchises. I think more players and more experienced players should be in those positions.”

Cleveland Cavaliers v Golden State Warriors

It appears as though Durant has thought a lot about the prospects of owning a team from a financial perspective.

"We're paid for what we can do on the basketball court and most players know these paychecks are not going to come on the first and 15th for the rest of our lives," he noted. "If we get a big sum of money, why not try to help it grow? That's what entrepreneurs and Fortune-500 CEOs do. They get a crop of money and they try to grow it. They get a product and they try to grow it. We're our own business. Why not try to control that and why not try to leverage that to provide a better life after you're done playing? That's what it's about.”

By all accounts, it seems as though Durant is enjoying his time playing for the Warriors, who are owned by Peter Guber and Joe Lacob. However, it’s clear that he has learned from experience that everyone in power can’t be fully trusted. Therefore, he will need to have full confidence and trust in any potential business partner that he includes in his ownership group when the time comes.

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"It's about trust," Durant explained. "You see it all the time. You just put so much hope and trust in people and they disappoint you. It's a matter of picking the right people, trusting them and having faith that it will work out because we don't have all the answers, we don't have all the ideas. It's about finding out who does and empowering them to be the best that they can for you and your brand."

Now the question becomes which franchise Durant would like to purchase most. Although a team must go up for sale before it’s purchased, he would probably have a fascinating answer.

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