Old Gruden QB Camp clip about Vikings' Case Keenum is very accurate

Divisional Round - New Orleans Saints v Minnesota Vikings

An old Gruden's QB Camp clip about Minnesota Vikings star Case Keenum has been making its rounds on the internet this week, and it's strikingly accurate to the situation the quarterback finds himself this weekend.

Thanks to the Minneapolis Miracle against the New Orleans Saints last weekend, the Vikings will travel to Philadelphia this Sunday to play against the Eagles in the NFC Championship game for the first time since the 2009 season. Keenum will be remembered in the team's folklore now thanks to his involvement on this play.

With 10 seconds left at his own 39-yard line and with the score at 24-23 to the Saints, Keenum took a shotgun snap and was able to complete a pass to wide receiver Stefon Diggs near the right sideline.

Diggs caught the ball over Saints' free safety Marcus Williams, who collided with cornerback Ken Crawley as he was attempting to make the tackle, allowing the wide receiver to get loose and score a walk-off touchdown to win the game with a final score of 29-24 to the Vikings.

The last-second 61-yard touchdown pass from Keenum to Diggs sent Minnesota to their first NFC Championship game since the 2009 season, but it was something which Jon Gruden saw in the Vikings quarterback five years ago during his Quarterback Camp series.

The new Oakland Raiders head coach was talking to the Vikings quarterback, who was playing for the Houston Texans at the time, and said that he really liked him. Gruden said to Keenum, as you can see in the video below: “Just be ready because you’ll get your chance.”

Sure enough, five years later, Keenum is just one more win away from leading the Vikings to their first Super Bowl since the 1976 season. If he wins the big game as well, he will go down as the first Vikings quarterback to win a Super Bowl.

After two stints in Houston, as well as time in St. Louis and Los Angeles with the Rams, it looks like Keenum has finally found himself a home in Minnesota.

If this isn't the case, since there's a chance he will be a free agent this summer, there will be plenty of other teams in the NFL ready to give him another opportunity after what he has managed to achieve in purple this season. 

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