Rafael Nadal answers a bizarre question during press conference

The third round of the Australian Open is in the books, and it is no surprise that Rafael Nadal has once again triumphed.

Nadal is arguably the best tennis player in the world right now, and he certainly proved that during his match, when he destroyed Damir Dzumhur to reach the fourth round.

After the match ended, Nadal did the post-match press conference, where reporters flocked to see him and ask him anything.

Most questions were about his form and the match itself, and how it felt to be a winner.

Then, out of nowhere, a reporter asked Nadal the following.

“Have you seen the Hollywood movie Battle of the Sexes?”

While it is a tennis movie, highlighting the real life showdown in 1973 between Bobby Riggs and the immortal Billie Jean King, it had no connection to Nadal in any form or fashion.

Nor did it really go along with the questions being asked to the Spaniard.

Bewildered, he simply uttered: “No, sorry, but I didn’t see it.”

The press briefing then came to a close. Safe to say it was the kind of question that ended all conversations.

One can only imagine what is going through Nadal’s mind up until he gives his answer. There was probably more confusion than anything else.

How do you respond to that? It’s not exactly something players expect to come up in press conferences.

Nevertheless, Nadal remained calm and humble through it all. Odds are, he will look back on what happened here, and find himself laughing over it in the future. 

The reporter will probably look back and laugh about it too. There is usually something to take away from a press conference.

The take away here is to be prepared for anything and expect the unexpected.

As for Nadal, he marches on Down Under.

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