Anthony Joshua reacts to Joseph Parker's 'King of Steroids' comment

The back and forth between Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker has been bubbling over the past few weeks.

Taunt after taunt has been shared between the two.

Both have questioned the ability and staying power of the other, whilst keeping tight lipped on how they plan to overcome perceived weaknesses themselves.

Not that either can have too many weak points, Joshua (20-0) and Parker (24-0), both remain undefeated, but come the end of March, that’s something which will no longer be the case.

Interestingly, Joshua just admitted that the taunts from the Parker camp have gotten under his skin.

In an unusual move for a fighter, Joshua has seemingly confirmed that Parker’s mind games are having the desired effect.

Having been accused by his challenger of using PEDs, Joshua responded by telling The Guardian: “Three times it’s happened.

“If you want to use it as a PR stunt carry on using it as a PR stunt, but let’s just talk about the facts if you want to talk real.

“It gets under my skin.

“If he’s better than me, quicker than me, tougher than me, it will take a lot to put me away because I won’t stop coming.”

The latter part of the statement is referencing the “glass chin” claims by the Parker camp.

In attempt to explain himself, not that he should have to, AJ went on to talk about his VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) and UKad testing.

“I give them a slot and they can turn up anywhere, if I’m on holiday, at a hotel, at a club. I just text them and say I’m going to be here. You have to let them know. I normally give them the time when I’m going to be in the gym training for the opportunity.”

He obviously takes PED use very seriously.

His prickly response is not wholly surprising given his line of work, drug use accusations are taken as seriously as racist or homophobic remarks.

The notion of a fighter using performance enhancing drugs undermines their entire body of work.

Considering the training intensity and stress they put their body under in working towards their goals, it shouldn’t come as too left field that they would want to come and speak out in defence of themselves on the matter.

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