Joseph Parker makes cheeky comment on how he plans to deal with Joshua

Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker - Press Conference

New Zealand boxing sensation Joseph Parker, who is yet to be beaten in his professional career, faces off against another undefeated boxer in Anthony Joshua.

Parker has gone up against 24 opponents, dropping 18 of them to the floor, while Joshua has stopped all 20 of his opponents in his already distinguished career.

And despite being considered the heavy underdog for the bout, Parker gave a sly comment on how he plans to deal with the notoriously heavy-hitting nature of his opponent, claiming he'll put up a defiant smile if Joshua's punches cannot hurt his famously pain-resistant chin.

While neither boxer is yet to be knocked out in their professional careers, both parties will try to ensure that March 31 does not mark the end of that run.

"If he hits me in the chin and doesn't hurt me then obviously I'll smile and try my best to hit him back," Parker told Sky Sports.

"I think some fighters when they throw a punch and throw everything they have and it doesn't affect the other person, it might crush them a bit.

"In boxing, some fighters have good chins. You just have to be persistent and continuing following the plan and trying to catch them nicely, and obviously hope to be knocking him out.

"I know that if I got him into the trouble (Wladimir) Klitschko got him into, I wouldn't have let him off the pedal. I would put the pedal down and have chased him around."

Boxing at Wembley Stadium

Parker's promoter David Higgins believes that he succeeding in rattling Joshua by making him mentally weary to face off against the New Zealander following his criticism regarding AJ's so-called 'glass chin'.

The Brit tried to defend himself by claiming no human was capable of beating him, but Parker isn't convinced.

He added: "I don't know how to take that.

"I might have to be 'Superman' or 'Batman' or something. I don't know? Have to be more than human? I don't know what more you can be?


"He was rattled with what David was saying. For him to defend himself, shows that he didn't like what was coming his way. I don't think he really takes criticism that well."

March 31 marks the day that one of these boxers will lose their undefeated record, and for Joshua, Parker may well represent his most formidable opponent yet. 

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