Rafael Nadal has an interesting towel ritual at the Australian Open


Rafael Nadal's Australian Open tournament has been going rather smoothly so far, with the Spaniard facing Marin Cilic today as his quest for a second victory at the tournament to add to his 2009 win continues.

As of writing this article, Nadal is facing Cilic Down Under, looking to book his place in the semi-final.

Perhaps superstition has been playing a part in his success so far, as the social media of the event liked to point out during said game with Cilic.

We have all seen several 'rituals' of sorts from Nadal in the past, and his latest one has been on show for us all to see.

So far during the event, whenever he has handed back his towel to the ball kids, he has done it AFTER he has walked past the 'Melbourne' writing on the floor of the court.

Every single time, and the Twitter account for the Australian Open has tweeted out a clip of him doing so.

Now it could well be pure coincidence that he has done this, and for all we know, he may not even notice the lettering as he throws back the towel.

But, if it has happened every time, surely that is too much of a coincidence to be just a fluke?

It is certainly an interesting ritual and of course he is perfectly entitled to have them. Many of us even do such things in real life and follow certain superstitions, be it always getting in and out of certain sides of the bed, not walking under ladders, or never crossing anyone else on the stairs.

These are just two things we could do in every day life. Maybe Nadal does these as well?

The current tennis number one won two titles in 2017 at the US and French Open respectively, and was also runner-up at last year's Australian Open to winner Roger Federer.

Nadal currently has 75 career titles and shows no signs of slowing down for the foreseeable future.

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