Joseph Parker will not be laughing at Anthony Joshua's punches, says Eddie Hearn


This week, Joseph Parker claimed he would be laughing when hit with Anthony Joshua's hardest punches.

Eddie Hearn responded quickly by saying confidently that Parker, come the unification fight, will be proven wrong.

Hearn commented: "Apparently he's going to laugh when Anthony Joshua hits him on the chin. I hope he doesn't.

"If he does, I think we've got something to worry about, because when Anthony Joshua hits you on the chin, I don't think laughing is one thing you'll be doing. But interesting comment.

"They say he's got a granite chin, but he's never been hit with the ferocity and speed of Anthony Joshua.

"It's going to be a huge event on March 31 and one we cannot wait for.

"He actually wanted to get stuck in with David Higgins and Joseph Parker, and they were just a little bit on the cautious side, and that's why I was trying to egg Higgins on to have a go.

"Since they've been back, they've been talking again, there is a little bit of spite. 'The Gloves are Off' was good. It was frosty at times.

"But a lot is on the line. This isn't just about talking. This is about the unified heavyweight championship of the world."


This exchange of words has come just after it was revealed that the heavyweight clash at the Principality Stadium was sold out within hours, as the boxing community is eagerly awaiting this heavyweight unification fight.

There is real tension between the two fighters, as the exchanges the two have had have become very bitter. This will surely add to hype of this fight, in what will be the first of hopefully many unification fights this year.

It is important to remember that both fighters are so far undefeated in their careers, and Parker has never even hit the deck, and so AJ must be wary of this, and may have to adjust his tactics and tempo to work around Parker.

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