Pro golfer Rhein Gibson has angry reaction as caddy costs him $15k with a mistake

2017 Australian PGA Championship - Day 3

Australian pro golfer Rhein Gibson threw a headcover at his caddy on the 18th during the Tour’s Bahamas Great Abaco Classic. 

The 31-year-old was due to face Adan Stevenson in a play-off as he went into the 18th on a birdie, but in his second shot, the right-hander encountered a hazard and took out his frustration on caddy Brandon Davis before walking away in disgust.

Gibson's ball was found and he took a drop, but he was given an additional penalty because an umpire ruled his temporary caddie Brandon Davis collected the ball illegally whilst it was still in play.

Furious at the caddy's mishap, Gibson chipped his fifth shot onto the green and, he seized his putter, and he launched the headcover forcefully at Davis’ chest.

Gibson tweeted: "Unfortunately my caddy was involved with a ruling on the 18th that caused me to fall from t2 to 3rd. My actions were less then professional and I apologize to my caddy and those that took offense to my behaviors."

Gibson's caddy Brandon Davis later tweeted: "I was his caddy and did nothing wrong, here's the proof: Decision 26.1/9 A.There is no penalty under Rule 18-2 if there was no doubt or it was reasonable to assume from the player's actions or statements that he would make his next stroke from outside the water hazard."

Gibson has performed at the US and Austalian Open, as well as on the PGA tour, and shot a 55 (−16) for a round of golf in 2012 in Oklahoma, setting a Guinness World Record.

Davis fully maintained that the mistake came from the official rather than himself, it remains to be seen whether the caddy will make another appearance on this tour, but he certainly won't be supervising Gibson any time in the near future.

As for Gibson, the Aussie pro golfer could yet recieve punishment for his actions.

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