Ric Flair gives predictions for both WWE Royal Rumble matches

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This WWE Hall of Famer has opened up about both matches.

Ric Flair is the biggest star that has ever been created within the professional wrestling business.

The 68-year-old has a legacy over a career that spans 40 years. He is noted for his tenure with the NWA, WCW, WWE and TNA.

He is a 16-time world champion (eight-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, six-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, and two-time WWF Champion). Keep in mind that the actual number of his world championship reigns varies by source, ranging from 16 to 25.

The WWE Hall of Famer had been in the fight of his life in late August due to him being hospitalized. He continues to recover from his health scare.

For those might not know, Flair's fiancee took him to the hospital on August 11th after Flair complained about stomach pains.

Then just hours later, the WWE Legend was in the early stages of kidney failure and was on life support days later. Doctors told Charlotte Flair and the rest of the family at one point that he only had a 20% chance to survive.

Thankfully, Flair has recovered and is back to being the Nature Boy. Flair won the Royal Rumble back in 1992 at the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York.

This match marked the first time that the last man standing would win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, which had been vacated in December 1991. He reflected on the match in a recent interview with Sky Sports.

"What made it special was, number one - I didn't know I was going to win it," he said. "And number two I had just left Atlanta (WCW) with no self-confidence, I just couldn't figure out how Jim Herd couldn't see who I was, he didn't understand.

"I went from Atlanta to Albany, New York and my life changed in one day. Literally one day, that's the truth. One day I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do and the next day I was the champion. When I was walking back down the aisle, Pat Patterson came to me and said 'you've got a promo'," said Flair.

Flair also commented on who would win the women’s and men’s Royal Rumble matches.

"I would say Asuka," he said. "She's colourful, the fans love her and she's like the women's version of (Great) Muta, with the paint and everything, and she's very talented. All of the kids from Japan that come over are technically and mechanically very strong."

"When you keep in mind a lot of the focus is pointing towards Mania, then I think Roman Reigns has got a good chance. I love Roman, he's a great character and a great guy. He deserves it."

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