Roy Jones Jr. comments on Floyd Mayweather calling himself 'TBE'

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Roy Jones Jr. believes Floyd Mayweather never came close to achieving what he did as a boxer, and cannot be labelled as the best of all time.

Jones, 65-9 (47KOs), will step into the ring for what he swears will be the last time on Thursday, in a 10-round cruiserweight bout with Scott Sigmon, 30-11-1 (16KOs).

He won middleweight, super middleweight, and light heavyweight world titles, and made history in 2003 when he earned the WBA heavyweight title belt with a 12-round fight against John Ruiz.

Jones became the first man in 100 years, who began his career ranked 154, to go through the ranks and win the heavyweight title.

“The great thing today is it don’t matter what anyone says or what anyone writes, you can type 'sickest boxing highlights' into YouTube or Google and you see Roy Jones Junior doing this thing," Jones said

"Nobody can change your mind after you see that. That is pound-for-pound! I did what I did – it happened – it is a fact.

“Nobody else comes close. You can watch me side-by-side with anyone and it’s not close."

Floyd Mayweather finished his career undefeated with a record of 50 wins and 27 by knockout after defeating Conor McGregor in his final fight in 2017.

Jones believes his record is superior, though.

“Floyd Mayweather was TBE at making money, but look at his highlights and look at mine. You can’t pretend it’s the same. You can’t pretend there’s ever been anyone come close to doing what I did.

Bernard Hopkins v Roy Jones Jr.

"Nobody you could name could touch me - and I’m talking about nobody who’s around now, nobody who was around in my prime, and nobody who was around any time you can mention outta your mouth.

“In my prime, I was the ruler. Simple as that. I understand there’s a lot of great fighters who’ve followed me already since I was the champ - I haven’t seen anyone turn pro at 154lbs and win the heavyweight championship of the world.

“Even the great Sugar Ray Robinson, the pound-for-pound guy that he was, couldn’t win the light heavyweight title after turning pro as a welterweight. He had a difficult time trying that.

"So that tells you how hard it is to jump up that kind of weight and win. So, pound-for-pound the greatest of all time? It isn’t hard to figure out, Roy Jones Junior is your king of the hill.”

Jones Jr's fight against Scott Sigmon will be the 75th of his boxing career, a remarkable total for someone who rose to superiority in 2003.

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