Frank Warren nails why Chris Eubank's tweet to George Groves was 'disrespectful'

George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. Press Conference

Chris Eubank Sr is not exactly the most popular face in boxing right now.

The former British fighter has been heavily involved in the build-up to his son's huge bout with George Groves on February 17 in the World Boxing Super Series semi-final.

But, his tweets to Groves have been nothing but disrespectful, with Eubank suggesting that he should be concerned with Junior causing him a serious injury and that the referee must be very 'alert'.

He certainly antagonised Tyson Fury by using his reaction to Nick Blackwell's injury courtesy of Junior as an example.

The boxing world can see Eubank is well and truly in the wrong and now, Frank Warren has delivered some home truths about his unsavoury words.

Writing in his Daily Star column, Warren said: "Yet Eubank Snr has the audacity to claim he is looking out for Groves by using his son’s fight with Blackwell as a reason why the referee next Saturday needs to be “alert” to the dangers he possesses.

"How disrespectful is that to Blackwell and his family after what they’ve been through?

"And how disrespectful is it to Groves, who has a young family that doesn’t need to be worried by such talk?

"It has no place in boxing and the British Boxing Board of Control have reprimanded people for much less."

Boxing at Wembley Arena

He's really hit the nail on the head. Warren then finishes off with a perfect analogy of why Eubank's actions have been so bizarre and reckless.


He wrote: "Well, if Eubank Jnr is so dangerous, and this is sport is so risky, then why is he involved and why does he allow his son to box?"

Fury's tweets in reaction to Eubank were based purely on anger, so it is nice to see Warren take the same stance but put it forward in a much more rational sense.

Boxing at Olympia London

His actions were dangerous and disrespectful to a number of professional boxers, which should warrant a significant punishment.

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