Tyson Fury tricks media into thinking that he's broke

Tyson Fury & Wladimir Klitschko Head to Head Press Conference

Whilst he hasn't fought since November 2015, Tyson Fury is never too far away from the headlines. 

Offensive comments, illegal substance abuse, and racking up a £1,000 jagerbomb bill have all led to Fury's name being on the front and back pages, without putting on a pair of gloves. 

This time, the enigmatic Mancunian has seemingly conned media outlets into thinking that he requires dole money. 

The 29-year-old convinced newspapers that he's claiming Job Seekers Allowance, despite earning £4 million from his stunning Wladimir Klitschko victory, little over two years ago.

The former heavyweight champion is back in training, following a lengthy lay-off with depression and drug addiction, but has wasted little time in getting one over on the British press. 

After UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) backdated his ban for taking an illegal substance, Fury had his boxing licence reinstated by the British Boxing Board of Control (BBoC) and became free to resume his career. 

As a result of his ban, the self proclaimed "Gypsy King" was stripped of his WBA, WBO, and IBF belts back in 2016.

Until last month, Fury still held a title as the Ring Magazine heavyweight champion, but was finally stripped of the belt after failing to announce a comeback opponent before February began.

Ahead of his "Evening with Tyson Fury" tour, the 6'9" star falsely claimed to be out of pocket when chatting with The Daily Record.

Boxing at Paisley Lagoon Centre

“To be honest, I’m skint. I don’t have any money in the bank. I’m on the dole.

“I’m on Jobseeker’s Allowance at the moment. I’m not winding you up – I’m being truthful. Seriously, I didn’t make any money out of boxing at all. Don’t feel sorry for me – it’s not a bad thing.

“I give my promotional team half of the money and I donate the other half to charity or give it to people in need because I don’t think people should make money out of punching other people in the face. I fight because I love to fight.

“I’ll continue boxing until I’m 50 – until I can’t box any more.

Boxing at Manchester Arena

“I help a lot of people with my money from boxing. I create homes, take homeless people off the streets, I give it to children’s charities. You can’t take money with you.”

A person cannot claim Jobseeker’s Allowance if they – or a partner – have savings of more than £16,000.

Fury added: “Last time I was in Glasgow, to see the Billy Joe Saunders fight in 2016, I did a bit of a job for a friend and got £10,000. I went up and down Glasgow giving it to the homeless.

“I just said to them, ‘Remember the name Tyson Fury’ – and they do.

Boxing at Copper Box

“Wherever I go, there’s always somebody willing to buy me a drink. That’s because I’m a generous man. When I’ve got money, I buy everyone drinks.

“What goes around comes around, I believe. A greedy man doesn’t enter the kingdom of heaven.

“I’m in Glasgow on St Patrick’s Day and, if I get any donations from that night, the next day I’ll be up and down the streets of Glasgow again handing out money to the homeless.”

Unbeknown to many, it turns out that this was another joke, to add to the long line of Fury pranks.


Currently at a training camp in Marbella, Fury took to Twitter to poke fun at the newspapers that printed his jovial story. 

Fury has sights on an all-British showdown with Anthony Joshua after a couple of comeback fights, but is yet to have set a date for anything other than a Q&A tour. 

The man named after Mike Tyson is still concentrating on shedding the pounds before he can focus on regaining any world championship belts.

In fairness, it's always difficult to tell when Fury is being serious or joking. 

Love him or hate him, the heavyweight division is always more entertaining when he's around. 

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