Ricky Hatton won't push son Cameron into the boxing spotlight

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Ricky Hatton is refusing to follow the lead set by Chris Eubank Sr and Nigel Benn in playing a prominent part in their sons' boxing careers.

Instead, the former welterweight and light-welterweight champion will take a back seat in the development of his 17-year-old son, Campbell, as Hatton Jr makes a name for himself in the ring.

Chris Eubank Jr's boxing career has seen his father take on the role of his mentor, psychological guru and also advising his son on any public relations matters that could arise.

Eubank Jr has had a pathway to stardom available throughout his career, and this weekend, he will step inside the ring with George Groves in a WBA super-middleweight bout and also the semi-final of the inaugural World Super Series tournament.

And Hatton has said that he will not be pushing his son's career opportunities into the spotlight by getting involved himself.

The Hitman Hatton, who retired six years ago, said: "I won't be doing the same with Campbell as Eubank with his lad," per the Daily Mail.

Eubank Jr and Groves will go toe-to-toe in Manchester and Hatton believes the input of parents the careers of their children can put too much pressure on them to succeed within the sport. 

Hatton continued: "It's hard enough for any young fighter without being joined at the hip with his Dad. The same goes for Conor Benn. It's a hard enough job without that.

"I love Chris (Senior) and Nigel (Benn) but their sons can't move. I'd rather sit in the background and just let Campbell get on with it

Like his Dad, Campbell is also a light-welterweight. A national development champion at his own weight, Hatton Jr has turned heads with his performances inside the ring.

The 39-year-old Stockport-native admits that while he did have some say in his son's rise at the start of his career, Hatton will now just enjoy the ride from afar, only stepping in to offer advice on potential opponents.

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Hatton concluded: "I had my input at the beginning, Now I only stick my oar in if have to but there's no need because he's improving under his coach. I'm sitting back watching his progress.

"I let him do what he does. It's not for me to tell him what's what because whatever will be, will be and he's half got it already.

"I will be able to help when it comes to picking the right opponents at the right time. Eventually, when the time comes to pick a promoter, I'll pass him on to Eddie (Hearn) or Frank (Warren) but still be on board just to keep an eye on him."

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