Adam Booth reveals what really happened in Groves and Eubank Jr's sparring sessions

George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. Press Conference

Adam Booth, spent six years as the coach of George Groves, guiding him to British and Commonwealth super-middleweight titles, and was also in the corner for Chris Eubank Jr’s 2015 fights with Tony Jeter and Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan.

During this time he watched both men spar each other on a regular basis and got to know them as boxers, people and, unbeknown to him at the time, future rivals.

Therefore when he was asked about times when the two sparred he revealed exactly what happened between the two, although it must be reminded that this was some years ago.

Both super-middleweights have openly discussed the sessions and as you would expect, both claim they had the upper hand.

However, Booth has revealed it was actually Groves who handed out the most damage during one of their last clashes.

"Very good. In fact, I don’t think either of them ever had better spars in terms of the work they got in. They knew that if they made a mistake they would pay for it," he told Boxing News Online.

“There’s only one occasion I can recall when one of them was slightly hurt. That was, ironically, when George caught Junior with a left hook and Junior appeared to be stunned.

George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr. - Public Workout

"There was definitely something that happened in that spar because of that left hook. That was probably one of the last spars they had.

"They did an average of six rounds each time and I’d guesstimate they did that on 30 different occasions. But it might be closer to 50.”

Interestingly that would appear to back up Groves' claims this week that Eubank Jr's over-arrogance would play a part in his own downfall.

George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr. - Public Workout

"It could be over-arrogance or it could just be naivety, him thinking he doesn't need anyone's help or will get to the very top without any help," Groves said. 

"His plan is to get fit for every fight and he always is. Is he going to get fitter? Is that going to help? If he's fit to do 12 rounds, there's no point in getting fit for 15, is there?

Saint George may be on to something here, and Eubank will have to prove him and all of his doubters wrong this Saturday when the two finally go head-to-head.

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