Tony Bellew posts angry tweet after sparring footage from Mayweather's gym emerges

  • Sayan Das

Footage of a sparring session in Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Las Vegas emerged this week which showed a rather young fighter get severely knocked down. 

As you can see in the video further down the page, a heavy shot to the head floored the boxer but it took an extremely long time for the other people present to realise that the man might be in trouble. 

In fact, the person who was actually recording the footage seemed to be more impressed with the hit than showing any sympathy or offering any help to the man. 

The knock-down caused a few people around the ring to even get excited despite these being the kinds of incidents that can sideline a fighter for weeks or even months. 

One person, in particular, who was not at all impressed was Tony Bellew.

After seeing the video on Twitter, the Liverpudlian responded with a furious tweet:

“Stupid idiots shouting should of jumped into the ring to the poor lads aid as he could of choked on his own tongue!

“Instead they wanna stand there and shout damn like it’s a good thing! I’ve done this to a few over the years and my coach is in the min he hits the floor!

Of course, Bellew’s assessment is absolutely right and it is hard to believe that no one rushed in immediately to help.

A knockout like that could seriously harm or injure a fighter and the danger needs to be recognised immediately to prevent anything catastrophic from happening. 

The 35-year-old was not alone though, as fellow British boxer, 26-year-old Anthony Fowler, also tweeted: “Disgusting people making noises and laughing after someone getting ko’d like that, gotta get in straight away to see if he’s ok.”

It won’t be long before Bellew is back sparring ahead of his rematch with David Haye on May 5. Don’t think you can expect to see any similar footage emerging from his camp.

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