Chris Eubank Jr. speaks about his "invincible" chin

  • Sayan Das

Chris Eubank Jr., in an interview with ESPN, spoke about his resilience to recover from a knock-down after being questioned about his chin not being tested enough in the past. 

As the 28-year-old prepares for his upcoming WBA middleweight clash with George Groves, he gave an insight into his experiences in life and how it has made him stronger than ever. 

Eubank Jr. is yet to lose a fight via knockout in 27 bouts, as he has never been hit on the chin before. 

On being asked if he actually will get hit one day, the man from East Sussex claimed that the fact that he has never been knocked out simply reveals how good his defense is. 

He has even dubbed this feat as an achievement and takes it as a “compliment” when people remind him of it. 

The former WBO middleweight champion said: “I pride myself on not being hit.”

When the interviewer asked what is the hardest hit he has suffered in his life, Eubank Jr. recalled a rugby game he was involved in, while also citing several sparring sessions with heavyweight boxers. 

Eubank Jr. spoke about the rugby incident: “The only time I’ve ever been knocked out in my entire life was in a rugby game when I was about 13.

“I used to play on the wing. The opposing winger has the ball in his hand and he’s running full speed at me.

“I go down to tackle him and he jumps up and his knee hits my temple. That switched me off for about half a second, so I’ve gone out and hit the ground. I didn’t even feel myself hit the ground.

“I woke back up about a second later and I’m looking around and everyone’s clapping, ‘ah great tackle Chris’, so I had actually tackled him while I was out.

“I got up and one of my eyes was all fuzzy so even that, a guy flying knee in the temple, I was only out for a second and by then I had got back up after a second got back up on my feet and running around on the pitch again.

“I had a hell of a headache the next day, but I have a solid chin. It doesn’t need to be tested. It’s been tested throughout my life and it always gets grade A results.”

The winner of the semi-final clash between Eubank Jr. and Groves will face off against either England’s Callum Smith or Germany’s Juergen Braehmer, the pair facing off in the other semi-final clash on February 24. 

Will Groves be able to hit that Eubank chin? Or will it be another successful night for the Eubank family.

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