Browns left tackle Joe Thomas is actively recruiting Kirk Cousins on Twitter

Washington Redskins v New York Giants

Kirk Cousins is likely to be the most highly sought after free agent in the 2018 class. The Redskins signalled their intentions to move on from the former Michigan State signal caller after signing Alex Smith to a long term deal in Washington. 

After playing the last two seasons under the franchise tag, Cousins is looking to get paid in specular style.

And, judging by the monster deal given to Jimmy Garoppolo by the 49ers, he should get in the range of $25-30 million a year from whichever quarterback needy team decides to pull the trigger on signing him. 

Cousins is actively looking for a new home in the NFL, and he's not short of suitors. 

Broncos linebacker Von Miller has been relentlessly pursuing him over the past week or so, commenting on Cousins' enjoyment of rainbows and agreeing with his taste in cereal. 

Denver is well known to want a new quarterback in 2018 and they aren't the only team in the Cousins stakes, even this early in the offseason. 

Perennial Pro Bowl left tackle Joe Thomas has started recruiting the Redskins QB on social media  in an attempt to persuade him to come to Cleveland. 

The Browns well documented quarterback struggles mean they are yet again in search of a reliable starter and Thomas clearly believes Cousins could be that man. 

Thomas pounced on his chance to get Cousins to the Browns after seeing this tweet:

In response, Thomas tweeted back at Cousins to laud Cleveland as the perfect landing spot to become an instant fan favourite and, also, extremely wealthy.

The Browns have an enormous $110 million-plus available in cap room, the most in the NFL and more than enough to make Cousins the highest paid player in NFL history. For Cousins, the money seems to be the biggest driving point considering his constant in-fighting with the Redskins organisation over their reluctance to reward him with a long term deal. 

So, the Browns would seemingly have an excellent chance to secure the former Pro Bowler's services. 

However, he will have many options on the table, with a flurry of teams in need of an upgrade at starting quarterback including Denver, Arizona, Buffalo and the Jets.

Others such as the Vikings, who are in win now mode, may or may not be in for Cousins. 

If Minnesota come calling, it will be intriguing to see what matters more to the in demand QB, winning or money?

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