Promoter Eddie Hearn and boxer Billy Joe Saunders have wager on AJ vs Tyson Fury

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Whoever said a bet between friends is just a bit of fun? To that person, take a look at this video taken of promoter Eddie Hearn and boxer Billy Joe Saunders.

In an interesting discussion about a range of topics in the boxing world, the two discuss the two biggest names in the sport at this time - Anthony 'AJ' Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Saunders was quick to point out to AJ's promoter, who was doing his job in promoting and praising his fighter for wanting to be the best, that he believes the biggest name in boxing is not Anthony Joshua, it's Tyson Fury.

"At the moment, the man, even though he's been inactive and not boxed, the man is Tyson Fury," Saunders claimed.

Immediately, Hearn disagreed, pointing out that no-one can be the man if they've been inactive for almost two years.

Tyson Fury was suspended for that period for drugs violations.

As the two continued to chew the fat over who was the better fighter, Saunders saw an opportunity and seized it (see 13m:25s in the video further down this article for the bet).

"If you're up for this, when Tyson Fury boxes AJ, we'll shake on it now while the cameras here, we'll have a friendly 50 'Gs'," Saunders offered.

By 50 'Gs', Saunders meant £50,000 to the winner, with Saunders backing a Fury win and Hearn obviously backing his own fighter Joshua.

It sounds like a lot will be riding on this fight for the two men, but it's strange, considering the end of last year, Hearn claimed the 'British Blockbuster' bout was 'un-makeable' due to unreasonable contractual demands from the Gypsy King.

There was also talk that Fury was to be used as a sparring partner for Joshua's next opponent Joseph Parker, but it's been confirmed this is no longer going to happen.

Parker's team said: "Tyson's a great friend of our team and we appreciate all the support he gives us, but that just doesn't work out for us."

The fight between Joshua and Parker is set to be an epic unification fight in Cardiff on March 31.


Neither men have lost a fight, and the winner will walk away with the lion's share of heavyweight titles.

As for Joshua versus Fury, we continue to wait for the good news to come through. Let's hope this bet pushes that fight forward.

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