Ross Brawn eyeing big change with Formula One in the future

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore - Qualifying

Ross Brawn has openly admitted that he is a fan of the 'DRS' system which is installed on Formula One cars.

The Drag Reduction System 'DRS' is a feature used on all F1 cars to help drivers reduce drag when trying to overtake.

A specially installed wing on the car allows the driver to gain an extra speed advantage when trying an overtake. This can only be activated in controlled 'DRS' zones and has been a feature since 2011.

Whilst it sounds like a great addition to the sport, assisting drivers with a potentially tricky manoeuvre, the Formula One sporting manager Ross Brawn hopes that any future car developments will render the 'DRS' system as needless.

"My hope is that the cars will develop to the point that we don't need it anymore," he said, although he understands that at this time, it is still going to be used.

"Before we can improve the racing, we need to thoroughly understand what's going on.

"We can follow our gut instinct, but that's not good enough when you think about how incredibly complicated these cars are."

His reservations seem to have been brought on by the complaints that have been made by drivers and ex-drivers since the new-spec cars were introduced last year.

Lewis Hamilton claimed his DRS didn't engage properly at the Bahrain GP in qualifying, which lost him two-tenths of a second going from Turn 10 to 11, and affected his overall race.


Jacques Villeneuve, who won the '97 F1 World Drivers' Championship said: "What would be amazing is getting rid of DRS so drivers don't wait for the straight line to overake."

Triple world champion and 25-time GP winner Niki Lauda waded into the debate when the system was first introduced, claiming that the use of 'DRS' was "fundamentally the wrong direction," for the sport. 

"The front man (the driver in front) is totally defenceless. I think from the sporting point of view it is not right."

It's also worth noting that the 'DRS' has supposedly distorted Formula One overtaking records since it's inception.


When Max Verstappen took the record for the most overtakes (78) in a season, many looked at the statistics to see how accurate they were, when it appeared on a passes per-race average, Lauda and Michael Schumacher would hold the overall record.

It was shown that the overtakes doubled from 2010 (452) to 2011 (821), exampling that the system was having a huge benefit to the overtaking drivers, but many believed it was taking the human skill element out of the sport.

Brawn has obviously used these examples to further evidence his case for the removal of 'DRS', but until new car-specs are released, it's hard to see any real movement in this area.

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