Kevin Pietersen tweets what all golf fans really felt about Kevin Na's Genesis Open putt

Genesis Open - Final Round

The issue of slow play was once again raised at the Genesis Open on Sunday.

It is understandable that professional golfers want to take a bit more time over their shots on the weekend, considering how much money rests on every stroke.

However, there are some instances where players take a little bit more time than they should, and this is often met with fury by golf fans.

This weekend on the PGA Tour both Kevin Na and Patrick Cantlay were criticised for slow play, with Sky Sports commentators even suggesting that their antics had an adverse effect on their playing partners.

But Na, who has built a reputation of being one of the slowest players on tour, bore most of the criticism and when reviewing footage of his final round it is easy to see why.


Playing in the penultimate group, Na seemed to take an age over a putt on the second hole, which caught the attention of many golf fans.

Not only were fans echoing their displeasure on Twitter, but some users even posted videos showing just how slow he was: including none other than English cricketer, Kevin Pietersen.

Pietersen, who is an avid golfer and is in possession of a single digit handicap, simply could not believe just how long Na was taking over a 'tap in'.

And his anger was displayed in a Twitter video, where he commentated over Na taking over a minute on a short putt.

Another user also uploaded a video on the same incident, where briefly at the start of the clip you can actually see Cantlay waiting with hands on hips for Na to get off the green.

In fairness to Na, the putt was slightly longer than a tap in, with the PGA Tour measuring the putt at 3' 4".

However, this is still not justification for him to take so long lining up and reading the putt, and almost all golf fans agreed with Pietersen's view on the incident.



Both Na and Cantlay held the lead at separate points during the final round on Sunday, but neither were able to convert that position into a victory.

Bogeys on 12 and 13 for both players gave the initiative to two-time Masters champion Bubba Watson, who eventually finished on -12 to win by two strokes.

Na had to settle for T2, whereas Cantlay finished a further shot back in T4.

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