Steph Curry explains why being an All-Star is a double-edged sword

NBA All-Star Game 2018

Being called for the NBA All-Star game is a fantastic achievement, but for many players, it does have it's drawbacks as well. It takes up a lot of time during what is a key part of the season when teams are looking to make a drive towards a playoff spot.

Even for the Golden State Warriors, a team which has been to the NBA Finals in each of the past three seasons and has won the championship twice, the All-Star break has its good points and bad points.

While in previous seasons they have been dominating the Western Conference by the All-Star break, things are a little bit different this season, as they find themselves currently in second place in the conference, half a game behind the Houston Rockets in first.

The Warriors have lost four of their last eight games as well, so it's not like they were entering the All-Star break in good form. For Steph Curry, the captain of Team Steph, being an All-Star is a double-edged sword.

Curry said, according to ESPN: "I think that's kind of a double-edged sword of being an All-Star. It's an amazing accomplishment, an amazing honor, but if you're thinking about it in the perspective of getting rest and really taking advantage of the full slate of the All-Star break, it doesn't really start for us until right now.

"So a little bit of it is just having the mindfulness of what you need to do to get your body right, get off your feet, not run yourself to exhaustion throughout the course of All-Star Weekend and take advantage of these next two days that we have to get off the radar, get our minds right."

NBA All-Star Game 2018

Most of the other Warriors big four were busy during the All-Star weekend too, but Curry believes the squad will be fresh for their first game back when they host the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday night.

"We've got [24] games before the playoffs to chase another championship," Curry said, "so [we'll be] ready to hit the ground running when we get back."

No matter how much rest they have received due to the 'double-edged sword of being an All-Star,' the Warriors know that they have to be at the top of their game if they want to make it to a fourth consecutive NBA Finals, and that journey restarts later this week.

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