Deontay Wilder reiterates his criticism of Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson

  • Sayan Das

Deontay Wilder certainly caused a stir last month after the American claimed that he could “kick the hell out of” boxing legend Mike Tyson if he had met “Iron Mike” in his prime. 

Having drawn heavy criticism from the boxing world, the 32-year-old has since defended his remarks and stated that iconic fighters of the past such as Tyson can do a better job to help motivate the new and upcoming boxers. 

At the time of Wilder’s first outburst, former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis hit back with a strong response on Twitter.

The 52-year-old tweeted, saying: “I just heard @BronzeBomber said he would destroy a young @MikeTyson. My thoughts are that it’s easy to talk until u actually get in the ring. I like Wilder but he’s never been in there with someone that ferocious who truly wants to break his ribs with every punch. I don’t see it!”

“I love @BronzeBomber’s confidence… u need that to sit atop the heavyweight division… he’s hungry and shows up in probably best shape in division… but there’s levels to it… and he’s still adding to his arsenal.”

The “Bronze Bomber” would later go on to defend his comments claiming that he had all the physical attributes – hand speed, height and movement – to beat Tyson in addition to the fact that he was a new school fighter with a killer instinct. 

After the WBC champion defended his comments, Tyson responded himself by claiming Wilder “talks so much s**t” during a promotional podcast.

But Wilder is prepared to keep the debate rumbling on with his latest criticism of the previous generation. 

“These past champions, what they should be doing is motivating the up-and-coming guys,” Wilder told CBS Sports. “They don’t need to motivate me because I’m self-motivated. They don’t need to give me convincing. But these other guys coming up, they should start a trend.

“Instead of hating on these guys coming for the top or worry about their legacy getting run over for what they did in their era, that era is gone! This is the new era over here!

“They should be praising the new guys like the other countries, where every other former champion is behind their people. But in America, it’s different. Nobody wants to see nobody become bigger than the one before them. Nobody’s legacy is going to be passed.

“Those guys are subject to their own opinion. I don’t get upset when guys come and clap back and say certain things. I don’t get upset when Lennox Lewis want to defend one of his era brothers.

“Although Lennox fought Tyson way past his prime, I don’t find offense for that and it doesn’t bother me.”

Wilder then went on to point out the hypocrisy in Tyson’s comments as the man from Brooklyn shared a post about Tyson Fury, who confessed that he would get knocked out in the first round if faced up with the former champion in the ring. 

Following these claims, Tyson took to Twitter to show appreciation to the “Gypsy King” and advised the Brit to show more confidence in himself, something that perplexed Wilder. 

“Tyson Fury, he did the opposite of me and said [Mike] Tyson would beat him,” Wilder added.

“And Tyson came out and said, ‘Man, you need to have confidence’

“What? Isn’t that what I just did? But I got criticised. It don’t make no sense, but it’s because it’s me, which is OK.”

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