Team USA's Olympic medal ceremony will be remembered for this awkward gaff


This year's Winter Olympics have been nothing short of brilliant with the best winter sport athletes the world has to offer fighting tooth and nail for those coveted gold medals they train so hard for.

The Pyeongchang showpiece has been packed full of controversy, suspense and simply jaw-dropping performances.

However, it was at the normally very polite curling event that controversy really reared its ugly head after Great Britain's women's were left with a bad taste in their mouth after a dramatic loss to Sweden. 

Eve Muirhead was adjudged to have hogged her stone despite replays clearly revealing that she had not. It meant that the team GB stone was removed from play and Sweden were left with an easy shot to take victory.

Team GB went on to lose to Japan in the bronze medal final but will look back at that moment as the difference between them going for the gold and competing for the bronze.

There was a massive upset in the men's draw after Team USA bested Sweden, the top-ranked side in the world, to storm to a dramatic victory having been on the brink of elimination in the round robin stage.

USA struggled initially but went on a blistering run of five straight runs to claim one of the most unexpected golds of the entire games.

American skip, John Shuster, delivered the ultimate curling shot in the eighth end of the final as he knocked Swedish stones clear to claim a staggering five points for his team. Sweden were unable to recover from then on and the Americans were crowned Olympic champions.

Curling - Winter Olympics Day 15

Team USA awarded the wrong medals

Having had so much go right for them, something was bound to go wrong and that is just what happened at the medal ceremony.

After the ceremony, Team USA were enjoying a victory lap of the Gangnueng arena applauding the massive contingent of American fans that were present when Shuster revealed that he and his team had been given the women's medals.

In a video doing the rounds on social media, Shuster holds his medal up close to a camera, clearly revealing the gaff, before being heard saying:

"They gave us the women's medals. They say women's curling on them!"


With only a day left in what has been a remarkable games, we can forgive South Korea for getting something wrong. 

You can be certain that the problem was quickly rectified and Shuster and his team will be flying home with the right medals around their necks.

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