Twitters reaction to once-in-a-lifetime moment during snowboard event at Winter Olympics


The Winter Olympics have been an incredible showcase of the best talent the world has to offer when it comes to winter sports with the finest athletes in the world descending upon Pyeongchang for two weeks of scintillating action.

However, on the penultimate day of action, it was an entirely different kind of athlete that stole the show and the headlines.

During the parallel giant slalom snowboarding event, Austrian athlete Daniela Ulbing was faced with a conundrum that she has probably never been faced with before, and will probably never be faced with again after an over-enthusiastic squirrel leapt into her lane as she tore down the hill.

Both athlete and rodent had to think quickly if they were to avoid what had the potential to be a nasty incident that could have wrecked Ulbing’s entire Olympic dream.

However, Ulbing proved why she is one of the best in the world on a snowboard as she slalomed around the critter, whilst the squirrel himself displayed some David De Gea-esque reactions to duck low a avoid the blistering Austrian by a whisker.

Having established that it was still in one piece, the squirrel quickly scampered off the track having decided that giant slalom probably was not its game.

Remarkably, Ulbing was unphased by the gatecrashing rodent as she went on to finish the race and even win it.

The squirrel proved to be the star of the show in the end as fans took to Twitter to celebrate his short appearance in the Pyeonchang games.

All is well that ends well in this case, but we have it on good authority that the little guy learnt his lesson and was back amongst the trees in no time. Or perhaps he scurried off to try his hand at a spot of curling?

Fantastic story for the grandkids though!

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