Jerry Jones could be fined millions of dollars by the NFL

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NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is reportedly set to slap Cowboys owner Jerry Jones with a $2 million fine in the coming days. 

According to The New York Times, the money is technically being demanded as a reimbursement to the league for legal fees encountered due to the drawn out case of Cowboys' running back Ezekiel Elliott's suspension.

Additionally, Jones' efforts to prevent the passage of Goodell's contract extension is being deemed detrimental to the league. Goodell himself has reportedly been hesitant to act in any way that would be seen to be retributive towards the Cowboys' Hall of Fame owner, but on the advice of numerous other owners has decided to deal out the penalty. 

Several owners are said to believe that Jones has crossed an unspoken boundary by threatening his colleagues in relation to his attempts to stall Goodell's contract talks. 

Ever since Elliott's six game suspension was announced last summer, Jones' has seemingly had it out for the commissioner, doing everything he could to disrupt and derail his position going forward. 

From the moment Goodell called to inform him of his star running back's suspension Jones has taken on a vindictive attitude towards the NFL.

He threatened Goodell on that call saying: "I'm gonna come after you with everything I have...If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do." he said, referencing Patriots' owner Robert Kraft's response to the deflategate saga. 

His fellow owners have clearly taken to exception to the way he acted when the league's compensation committee began putting together a new contract for the commissioner.

Jones began trying to stop the extension in October when he took over a conference call with his fellow owners. He asked them to bring on end to negotiations, even though the league had already voted on the issue in May.

At the time all 32 owners, including Jones, authorised the compensation committee to move forward with negotiating Goodell's extension.

The situation escalated in November when Jones threatened to sue the NFL and the league's compensation committee over the issue, forcing the league to pay its lawyers to address every legal threat the Cowboys' owner made.

The feud even reached the point that the league's other owners were considering options that would have involved taking the Cowboys away from Jones. The NFL then sent a letter to Jones and his attorney accusing him of "conduct detrimental to the league's best interests."

Despite the vehement opposition from Jones, Goodell's five-year contract extension was approved in December.

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So, whilst the monetary reimbursement that he will be forced to pay is being labelled largely as a result of the legal fees accredited to the Elliott case, it is Jones' actions in the following months regarding Goodell's position that has led to the penalty being imposed. 

Essentially, Jones will be asked to pay the legal fees for the lawsuit he was going to file against the league as well as the legal fees that the NFL had to pay throughout the time they spent defending Elliott's suspension. 

This falls in line with a league policy established in 1997, requiring any owner who takes legal action against the league to cover the legal costs of both sides. 

Unsurprisingly, the effervescent Cowboys owner will contest paying the $2 million fine.

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