Watch: James Harden embarrasses Wesley Johnson with epic ankle-breaker

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Two

Of all the insane highlights that NBA stars create on a daily basis, there are two plays in particular that are especially embarrassing to their opponents.

The first is a posterizing dunk. When someone glides to the rim, rises up over a defender and slams the ball through the rim right in his grill, it creates a natural jaw-dropping reaction from the basketball community.

The second is an ankle-breaker. Usually performed on crossovers, isolation hesitations or step-backs, watching an elite athlete fall to the ground in disdain is one of the most disrespectful acts that someone can perform on the court.

On Wednesday night, an ankle-breaker happened in a contest between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers. Since emotions were already running high between the two teams stemming from their last meeting in which multiple players got suspended, it made the play even more embarrassing.

If you didn’t already guess, it involves James Harden. Check out what he did to Wesley Johnson and pay close attention to what he did before he released the ball.

Driving to his left, Harden suddenly reversed course and stepped back behind the three-point line while Johnson was falling down. Then, hilariously, he paused, stared down the defender when he was on the ground and then continued to knock down the three to complete the play.

Per usual, Johnson received the Jim Ross treatment, which was very suitable.

Someone else put Jeopardy music in the background based on the amount of time that he waited before hoisting up the shot.

Another Twitter user dubbed Titanic music in the background to make it even more special.

Someone even updated Johnson’s Wikipedia page in a savage way.

Here’s another angle of the remarkable play. This will be replayed over and over again for days and weeks to come, and rightfully so.

Those were three of Harden’s 17 first-quarter points as he helped the Rockets get off to a huge lead. He finished with 25 points, three rebounds, seven assists, a block and two steals over 33 minutes in the 105-92 victory.

In a season with many MVP-worthy highlights from Harden, this might end up being the one that most people point to at the end of the year. When NBA players cross up their opponents, they very rarely stop and stare at them for a prolonged period before they take the shot. Harden clearly wanted to rub it in and accomplished just that.

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