Mark Williams and Aditya Mehta play out a bizarre frame of snooker

Mark Williams defeated Aditya Mehta on Wednesday night in a bizarre round of snooker in the second round of the Welsh Open. 

The world number six was pushed all the way to a decider for a narrow 4-3 win. 

Although, it was the third frame of the match that has become the main talking point, lasting an astonishing 73 minutes. 

Somehow, a group of red balls had amassed at the right-hand pocket of the table, as the black hung perilously close to the pocket behind the reds. 

Due to the black hovering over the pocket, neither player wanted to approach that pack of reds, leading to a rather long stand-off.

A lengthy tactical battle ensued between the two competitors, which Williams later said that he expected just 20 minutes after the game had started. 

The picture of the balls gathered up near the pocket can be seen via this Twitter post from British television presenter Richard Osman, who said: “Also, maddest frame of snooker ever on Eurosport right now.”

From the picture, four red balls can be seen stuck in the corner with the black one being on the wrong side of the balls, closest to the pocket. 

Understandably, to come out of this situation for either of the players would have been a tricky one. 

With both Williams and Mehta playing safe throughout the encounter in a bid to force an error from the opposition, the game went on for an extended period of time. 

In the end, Williams made the first error of the game by potting the black ball into the pocket. 

Watch the frame sped up in the video below.

Despite knowing that he was unlikely to win that frame, Williams refused to give up, but Mehta eventually won it to come within just one game of the Welsh player making it 2-1. 

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