What Arsene Wenger called Peter Crouch after he scored against Arsenal in 2005

Never before has Arsene Wenger’s role as Arsenal manager come under so much scrutiny, with football fans and the media all having their say on the Frenchman in recent weeks.

Back-to-back 3-0 defeats to Manchester City have supported the idea that Wenger can no longer compete with the younger likes of Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola on a tactical level.

He’s looked exhausted and out of ideas this season, which is a sad becoming of someone who revolutionised the game when he arrived in England all those years ago.

Even Peter Crouch, who used to play for Tottenham, feels sorry for Arsenal’s manager and finds the situation frustrating.

“Watching the events of the past week, when Manchester City have blown them away twice, I just find this whole situation so very, very sad,” Crouch wrote for the Daily Mail.

“It’s not for me to say whether he should stay or go but what I can see is the fact he is not addressing the problems we have all known about for years.

“Arsenal have been crying out for a goalkeeper, a central defender and a dominant central midfielder.

“They say a team is a reflection of its manager and right now it doesn’t look good for Wenger. If I’m frustrated that those issues haven’t been addressed, how must their fans feel?”

Wenger has never been one to give up and according to Crouch, there was one time early on in his career where he experienced just how bad a loser the Frenchman is.

Back in February 2005, Southampton held Arsenal to a 1-1 draw at St Mary’s Stadium, with Crouch scoring the equaliser.

Wenger wasn’t happy with the result and Crouch claims he took his anger out on him by hilariously calling him a “basketball player”.

“Wenger, like all the top managers, is a bad loser and he wasn’t too complimentary about me in my early days,” explained the 37-year-old.

“He called me a ‘basketball player’ after I scored against his team for Southampton one day but it never bothered me.”

Crouch didn’t take offence to Wenger’s jibe, although he’s probably heard that one before considering he’s 6′ 7″ tall.

Wenger seems to have lost that fight in him and unless he miraculously turns around Arsenal’s season, his days at the Emirates Stadium may well be numbered.

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