Report: NBA looking to help elite high school prospects make jump to the league

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Recent reports have suggested that the NBA could be looking to open up their relationship with elite high school players once more to help with their path to the league in reaction to the recent NCAA scandal involving college basketball players.

According to a report by ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver is preparing to get involved again with elite high school basketball players once more.

Although the proposal isn't close to being finished, it could include a door for the NBA to reach out to elite prospects during two important periods, that being: “the high school years and the time between high school graduation and when a young player is physically and emotionally ready to join the NBA.”

The NBA is planning to wait until after the Commission on College Basketball presents its report this spring, but the ESPN report has stated Silver could present a plan within the next few months.

Windhorst's report states that one high-ranking league official said: “We are looking at changing the relationship we have with players before they reach the NBA. This is a complex challenge, and there’s still a lot of discussion about how it’s going to happen, but we all see the need to step in.”

The NBA's 'one-and-done' rule could soon be out the window in order to allow high school prospects to take on the decision of turning pro or not as a part of these proposals. Another option is for the league to open up a channel through the G-League system for them to develop their skills to an NBA-level. 

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Overall, the league wants to see progress made at the youth basketball level to create a higher elite standard entering the league so that they can become more successful for longer at a professional level.

Silver said during All-Star Weekend: "We're spending a lot of time on [youth basketball]. I think there is a big opportunity, on a global basis, focus on elite players in terms of better training, better fitness, so that they ultimately can be successful at the highest level. That is something from a league standpoint, together with our teams, we're putting an enormous amount of energy and resources into."

NBA academies, improvements to the G-League, as well as better connections with high school prospects, are all options which the NBA is or has explored already in hope of making the future of the league bright. The league isn't rushing to make it happen, as they want it done right, but this is a promising sign for the NBA hopefuls in the years to come.

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