Stoffel Vandoorne's pit stop during testing turns into a disaster

Stoffel Vandoorne and his McLaren team were the unfortunate stars of arguably one of the worst pit stops you have probably seen in Formula One for quite some time. 

Luckily, this instance was during the third day of testing but the crew need to get their game back together before the start of the new season. 

A clip emerged on Thursday showing Vandoorne return to the pit lane and towards the McLaren garage relatively trouble-free.

But it didn’t take long for the crew to quickly realise that the new tyres were not fitted properly, or indeed even on the corresponding side of the car.

If that wasn’t slightly embarrassing enough, the car was still deemed unfit to join the race track after a second go.

When you consider most pit stops generally require just a few seconds nowadays, there were plenty of red-faced-looking mechanics, scratching their heads in confusion meanwhile Vandoorne could only sit and wait. 

Eventually, after various tinkering, the car was pulled back into the garage.

Of course, this is not the only technical issue McLaren have had to face during the second week of testing in Barcelona. 

Vandoorne’s teammate Fernando Alonso has also complained about various mechanical problems popping up on each day. 

The Spaniard’s car reportedly broke down with an oil leak delaying his start by an astonishing seven hours. 

When the former F1 champion finally made it out to the track, there were only 13 minutes left.

Despite Alonso claiming that there are no fundamental issues with the car, these are just a few of the many reliability issues McLaren have faced recently. 

It wasn’t all bad for Vandoorne on Thursday, though, as at one point he actually managed to set the fastest time.

Nevertheless, if McLaren are to challenge the likes of Mercedes and Ferrari in 2018, they will need to get their problems sorted out before the Australian Grand Prix kicks off on March 25. 

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