Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold involved in Twitter war over proposed trilogy fight

UFC Fight Night: Rockhold v Bisping Press Event

A trilogy fight between Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping is yet to be officially announced by the UFC, but if either fighter's activity on social media is anything to go by, a third fight between the two will be declared in the not so distant future.

Rockhold and Bisping have fought against each other twice before, with both fighters having earned a victory. The British fighter earned the last win between the two at UFC 199 in June 2016 when he defeated the American via KO to win the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Rockhold victory over Bisping came at UFC Fight Night event in Sydney in November 2014 when he defeated The Count via submission. Both fighters made references to these fights in their most recent Twitter spat.

On Tuesday, Rockhold tweeted to Bisping saying: “sign the contract or shut it,” attaching a photo as well of Rockhold’s submission victory over Bisping from 2014. The Count, however, was not going to take the Twitter shot lying down.

The British fighter responded to the American by sending him a GIF of his first-round knockout of their UFC 199 with a caption that read: "😂😂😂 good one d*****t. But remember when I knocked you out cold, took your belt and you cried like a little b***h? In fact that's probably a little hazy for you. See attached and have a great day numb nuts."

This wasn't to be the end of it all though, as Rockhold replied: "As soon as thing become predictable they become boring. Facts are it’s 1 -1. Contract is on your desk. Sign it or keep running."

Not to let the American have the last word, Bisping responded by saying: "I Haven't been presented one. Believe it or not, the world doesn't revolve around your egoistical needs. #concieve,believe,achieve."

When UFC caught wind of the Twitter war and posted about it on their social media, The Count reiterated his earlier point about no fight deal being offered to him, as he said: "Please, show me the suggested bout date, terms, location, arena, etc..... you can't!!! Know why? cos you're full of s**t, d*****t! In fact, scrub out the compensation and show me yours? You simply cannot, because it doesn't exist. Dummy!"

While it looks like Bisping hasn't been offered a deal to fight Rockhold, it doesn't sound like he will be turning down the opportunity to step back inside the Octagon to fight the American again in the near future if it was offered to him.

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