Roger Feder has revealed the big difference in Juan Martin Del Potro's game since his injury

Roger Federer is in the midst of quite possibly the finest season of his career, and that really is saying something.

The 36-year-old already has this year’s Australian open title neatly tucked under his belt and it looked like he was marching towards yet another trophy at the Masters 1000 tournament at Indian Wells this past weekend.

Cue Juan Martin Del Potro.

The Argentine was in sublime form as he brought Federer’s unstoppable run to a shuddering halt in the final under the California sun.

After three wrist surgeries, it finally looks like Del Potro could be back to his explosive best and after the final Federer confirmed that Del Potro, who has beaten the Swiss maestro on seven separatee occasions, is back.

“I was surprised how long it took him to get more and more confident coming over, but I feel like he’s finally there. I mean, only he will answer the question. Later on when he comes in, you can ask him,” said Federer.

“But I feel like he looks good on the backhand now. Basically to his old self, really.

Federer then went on to pinpoint that he feels Del Potro’s newfound confidence in his backhand is the reason behind his fantastic form of late.

“Yeah, I mean, I just think it was, for him, probably a confidence thing, you know, on the backhand side.

“But what’s interesting is that he put himself out there with no double-hander almost, but just happy to slice and still take losses, I guess, you know, because he knew it was going to probably not be enough against some players, but he was happy enough playing this way, which I admire a lot.

“Over time he got more and more confident, and now he’s here and he’s won a Masters 1000. It’s a great story.

“That’s why I’m also very happy for him today.”

Roger Federer – always the gent.

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